Thursday, 20 September 2012

The prosecutor doctors - monkey

Direct the Prosecutor sends' the Athens Medical Association who pursues illegal medical practice, the medical profession antipoioumenos.In a press release states that "In connection with filing a complaint report of ISA against those responsible optician performing free ophthalmological controls the ISA reminds all directions that within its institutional role as guardians of the public health officer for defending the validity title of doctor and the medical profession is committed to respond to a complaint report any attempt or alleged attempt to illegally perform medical acts and usurping the title of doctor.For legitimate medical practice and perform any medical procedure or for prevention, diagnosis or therapy requires a license to practice the medical specialty and corresponding title.No medical procedure can not be performed by non iatro.Kaloume colleagues to denounce any incident in their view constitutes unlawful exercise of medical procedures and usurping the title of doctor '

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