Thursday, 3 January 2013

Open webOS on Nexus 7

In the series of Open Source Mobile OS, we now know that the OS Tizen will appear soon from Samsung, we have learned that the Ubuntu Mobile OS arrives this year and Phone Ubuntu in 2014, and should not Open webOS forget who is now Open Source OS since HP was depressed.

Well it is Open webOS he is now since developers have quietly installed on Google Nexus 7 (read our review), instead of Android, and this little world coexists perfectly if you believe the video image below.

Finally, if we want to put some fingers in gear, we realize that we have a wide range of Mobile OS for our smartphones or our shelves.

If this continues, it will not be easy to choose, but it is also that which is interesting.

If the world of webOS you are interested, do not hesitate to consult webosFrance always in the spotlight of the OS.

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