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April, 2012

Music is considered as one of the most powerful tools for expression. Whether that emotion is pain, happiness, love or lust, music is a great form of communication and expression
 According to the Psychology Press, Music is a complex acoustic and temporal structure that induces a large variety of emotional responses in listeners. 
Music allows couples to express themselves when they do not have words to express their feelings, or if they need to apologize for something they do use music to convey their message .Listening to your favorite music can make a person feel great and can make our moods change. Music can alter you in many ways, depending on the genre of music you are being exposed to.
 According to "Music and Emotions", Electronic music with amplified sounds that stresses such musical parts as brass, percussion and heavy bass notes will physically affect you more easily than any other type of music. Certain types of music can give you courage and strengthen your willpower, while other types can relax your nerves and muscles and relieve tension. Music can give you strength as well for example when players are getting ready to play the match it brings great strength and courage to the players.
The specific song we are listening to can affect how we feel. Different types of music may make us cry, laugh, or even feel anger.  Some songs remind us of some events, or moments of our life which may be very special to us. For some people music acts as a relaxing pill.
Some listen music in their happy moments some in sad, some when depressed. It is also a great way to remind your loved ones that how much he or she means to you, it can bring some sweet memories and even help to create some new ones.
Additionally, music has the ability to allow couples who have lost the connection to reconnect or to strengthen an existing connection. It evokes emotion in such a way that the person you’re expressing yourself to truly understands.
In short, music works for us because it expresses the harmonics of the soul. It helps us when we have no words to express!!!!!

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