Saturday, 21 July 2012

SELF INJURY— an increasing fashion!

SELF INJURY— an increasing fashion!
April 4, 2012
Self injury or self harm is an attempt to cause harm to one's body, people adopt it as a way to express their feelings and a way to punish themselves.
Ways of self injury include cutting, burning, taking pills and to some extent nail biting and lip cutting as well.
Ratio of self injury is more in youngsters then people of other age groups as in adolescence people are more keen and enthusiastic about their life and future and when their dreams and desires are not fulfilled or they don't get others attention they harm themselves.
Mostly Self injurers feel relief and some feel alive by doing so. They might be unable to handle intense feelings, have dislikes about themselves and bodies,
Self injurers have many reasons for doing such act, Emotional problems like failure in expressing their feelings, communicating their message, love problems, sadness, anger, guilt, shame etc.
It may also be accompanied by depression and a range of psychiatric problems such as mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, borderline personality disorders etc.
Other reasons might be failures, loss of loved ones, lake of attention from others, parents and peer pressure.
Some people also adopt it as a fashion. It may be the influence of media which is promoting self injury via drama serials and movies. People follow their star personalities in this regard and also do it to impress and attract others. In love affairs some write their lovers names through blades on their arms. Tattooing is also a kind of self injury but people adopt it as a fashion.
Certain myths and facts are also there regarding self injury.
Self injurers can be handled through little effort. Professional treatment from therapists and counselors can be taken in extreme cases where as the self injurer also have to take some steps personally in this regard (like trying to be busy, deep breathing, exercise, trusting parents and friends, staying connected to the religion). Parents, friends and other people who see the victims of self injury are also required to pay some attention for the sake of their loved ones.
I conclude that Ratio of self injury is increasing day by day youngsters are seemed harming themselves frequently and especially they are adopting as fashion and due to the company of bad friends. There are many ways by which we can save youngsters from harming themselves and coping this situation. For the elimination of this evil not only the behavior of the injurer has to be checked but the friends and family of the injurer also have to play an important role in this regard.


  1. its not a fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  2. i cant stop cutting :'(

  3. its not a fucking fashion you cretin. We do it because it makes us feel better, not because everyone is doing it. if so many people are doing its, maybe its society thats fucked up; people like you making us feel bad for doing what we feel is the only way we can express our feelings. This is disgusting.

  4. not once did this person say that EVERYONE who self harms does it as a fashion.. they actually explained why most ppl do it, but SOME do it due to keeping bad company and because there friends are doing .. hence is the fashion, u two rly need to learn how to read and analyze what has actually been written,.. fucking morons,

  5. Fashion???!!! Are you fucking serious? Cutting ourselves isn't fashion -_-

  6. ... wanna know whats fashion?
    being pretty is
    self degrating is
    bullying others is
    being a pervert is
    being insensitive is.
    but just because its fashion it doesnt mean everyone does it
    cutting isnt fashion.its like anything related to suicide
    its a taboo
    and if you speak about it
    youll be labeled as suicidal and people will bully you for that
    thats how f-cked up this world is
    (this happened to a girl in my class and the reason it didnt happen to me is because i didnt speak up)